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Reflection Paper 4
Instructions: A reflection paper should be one that takes the topics you have learned about and explores how the information has impacted you. It also discusses actions you will or will not take based upon this learning. In other words, how will what we have learned so far in our readings from Chapters 10-15 inform your daily practice? For this paper, I would like you to reflect upon the following:
What does it mean to be an adult? Which topics from Chapters 10-12 resonated with you most? Choose one from each chapter, so 3 topics to write about. Tell what the topic is and the chapter it is from and then explain briefly what it was about this topic that spoke to you and how it will inform your life moving forward. Be sure to answer the following: What did you know about it before and what do you know now? How has your thinking about the topics changed/What actions might you take because of these topics’ impact? Reflection papers should be enjoyable to write because it is all yours—I am not asking you to research. I am just asking you to think about and apply what you have learned from our textbook and class in general.
Reflect upon what you know about the topics we will cover in Chapters 13-15 which deal with later life and death and dying. Look ahead to the topics we will cover in those chapters. What are 6 topics from these chapters(choose 2 from each chapter) that you want to know more about. Why are these topics of interest to you? What do you already know about these topics? What do you hope to learn?
Please use a Callibri or New Times Roman font size 12 and create a paragraph for each topic. Please see the associated rubric to know how you will be graded on this assignment.
I will attach the power points 10-15 because that is what we are going to be reflecting on.