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The purpose of the Codes Design Journal is to give students an opportunity to observe use of building codes, standards, and guidelines in practice.
I’ll upload the building file I selected
Each week you will review building plans with a focus on the Code Specifications. Additionally, you will add information based on in-person observations along with photos. You will also add feedback from peers on your findings.
For this week:
(1) Select one of the buildings listed under Files: Identify which building you selected.
(2) For the building you selected, select one public space in the building. Describe the Fire Protection System to protect the occupants. For example:
To detect a fire in a building or space
To warn the occupants
To suppress the fire until the fire department arrives.
The system reacts when a fire is detected:
Detects the fire
Warns the occupants
Suppresses the fire
A complete fire protection system includes:
Suppression or extinguishing systems
(3) Photograph the sprinkler system in two different buildings. Describe the sprinkler heads in one or two sentences. For example: