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Select a cultural group in the U.S. or another country that is generally
oppressed or at risk of discrimination (not the white culture). Research the culture and as a part of that research, complete an
interview with an individual representative of that ethnic group (include the interview questions that I have listed at the bottom). This paper should integrate foundation knowledge and understanding of the complex reciprocal
relationships between human behavior and social environment. The paper should be neatly typed and should
be no less than eight pages long excluding the list of references. Integrate your interview responses into the
text of your document. It should include 7-10 professional references,
including references pertaining to the culture. Use APA format and include headings and subheadings. The paper should include the following information:
A.) General description of the ethnic group
Density of this population in U.S. or country (and in Texas)
General pattern of entrance to the U.S. or country
Characteristics of the culture at multiple levels
Patterns of discrimination and oppression toward this group
Impact of legislation/policy
on social and economic justice (i.e. immigration
laws, hate crimes, eligibility criteria…etc.)
B.) Customs and Traditions
Holidays and celebrations
Traditional foods
Gender roles (male
dominance? Protectiveness of
females? Other issues?)
Views toward marriage and
inter-racial marriage
Views and customs on
childbearing and childrearing
Views toward the elderly in
this group
Views toward death
Differences within this cultural group and between it and other groups
Strenghs of this group
C.) History
(contains much research)
Brief description of country
(countries) of origin
History’s effects on the
culture (strife-torn country? Political oppression? Examples: Holocaust in
Germany; apartheid in South Africa, slavery in U.S., annihilation of indigenous cultures
in the U.S.)
D.) Culturally
Competent Social Work Practice
Ethical decision – making
and dilemmas in social work practice with this
group (Refer to Social Work Code of Ethics) Provide an example of this
The impact of student’s
findings in self
Empirically based findings
for culturally competent practice with the
population ( i.e. collectivism vs. individualism)
Evaluating the effectiveness
of current status of social work practice with
this population ( familial vs. individual )
Interview format:
Please include the following
questions in your personal interview and attach this questionnaire to your
What do you see as the most positive parts of your culture?
What do you consider the most negative aspects of your culture?
How are young children viewed in your
How are the elderly viewed among your ethnic group?
How does your culture deal with death and funerals?
Is marriage between members of your ethnic group and outsiders
generally tolerated?
Describe the sense of family in your
Is there a predominant religion? If
so, how do beliefs affect you and your family
When there is a major life crisis in your culture, generally whom do
you seek for help?
What is the general feeling
about seeking professional help or counseling
for solving life problems in your culture?
Would most people understand the role of the social worker in your
culture? How would getting help from a social worker generally be perceived in your culture?
What are some celebrations in your culture, or special traditions?