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Please read carefully and use APA format with in-text citations and well use 3 or more peer reviewed articles
Abstract In 2 pages
Summarize the current challenge Women’s Healthcare (Abortion Rights) why you chose it.
Explain how administrative evil, wicked problems, and/or groupthink relate to the challenge or issue you selected.
Describe the steps you would take as a public administrator to address the challenge or issue.
Identify at least one peer-reviewed article (not from the Learning Resources) to support your perspective. Include proper APA referencing (in-text citations and a Reference List).
Main paper
Part 1 (2 pages) • Describe the social problem or issue from local, state, and national perspectives, as appropriate. Womens Health (Abortion Rights)
• Provide the history and background information necessary to understand the social problem or issue. Part 2 (6 pages) • Explain the economic aspects of the problem or issue, including the resources involved and how those resources are being allocated. How are the resources divided? Amongst whom? Who is doing the decision-making?
• Explain the political and cultural aspects of the problem or issue that might influence governance.
• Explain who the key stakeholders related to the problem or issue are. Who are the critical leaders and followers? What are their relationships to each other? Are there any aspects of dysfunction? Part 3 (2 pages) • Make three to five (3–5) recommendations for social change related to the problem or issue. Include a brief discussion about any unintended consequences that might arise for each. And solutions for the consequences.
Please include APA formatted in text citations as well as a reference page.