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Now that you’ve written a research blog and chosen a research question, you should have a much better sense of where your research is going. For this mid-blog reflection, you will submit an assignment to me (rather than a discussion board post to the class), and I will give you individualized feedback.
For your mid-blog reflection, answer these questions thoroughly:
What is your research question? (Write it as a question.)
What have you learned so far that could offer potential answers to that research question? (Here, make specific references to the sources you’ve been working with.)
What have you learned so far that you had not previously considered when you were first beginning this research? How would you answer your research question today if you had to? Has this answer evolved or is it the same answer that you started with? What do you still want/need to know in order to consider possible answers/solutions to your research question? How might somebody else answer your research question differently? Have you found any sources that represent an alternative perspective? Can you think of a perspective (other than yours) that you would like to learn more about?