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I will send you the requested picture, and the requested text is in the doc file.You will create a 4-page site on the subject of Photography, using the provided materials: A selection of photos, and required text. A successful grade will require these skills: The ability to format text into headlines and paragraphs The ability to make working links on all pages (4 on each page) The ability to size, enhance and place photos or other images wisely The ability to adjust a CSS style sheet creatively The ability to organize your folder structure. Ie- do not keep the images for your website in 3 different folders. The ability to upload the site to GitHubPages The ability to create a sitemap and wireframe The recommended strategy Design your home page (index.html) thoroughly, include content, and navigation (with all of your links accounted for).
Attach and use a well thought-out CSS page
Then copy this 1st page (your index) three times by using Save As and rename the 3 new copies with the filenames indicated below
Replace content (text & photos) uniquely for each page’s primary subject
NOTE: You can refer to handouts, folders, and/or the internet for help. Feel free to use to remind yourself of any technique
What you need to submit in ONE ROOT Folder: Four pages total, plus the external style sheet index.html – general information on photography
history.html – about the evolution of photography
contemporary.html – the present day digital situation
photographers.html – about two photographers and some of their work
midterm.css – your style sheet
images folder
Guidelines: Include at least 2 photos per page
You MUST resize the images in PHOTOSHOP or Pixlr- you cannot use the width attribute in the html code
All pages must share the SAME navigation. Navigation should not change from page to page
A set of 4 links must be on each page
Your headings, your paragraphs, your images, must be ‘styled’ using the EXTERNAL CSS
There should be NO internal styles.
Use the

element to indicate when your navigation starts and ends
You must use the font-family property value pair