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Analyze a proposed solution to the public health problem Obesity, demonstrating the ability to present concise oral and written reports that defend the appropriateness of the solution selected.
Go to Indicator 26: Obesity in the section, Health Risks and Health Behaviors.
Assess the presented data. Write an op-ed journal article (see “Supplemental” section) addressing the following issues:
1.    Discuss the specific public health issue you chose. Make sure to have a short summary and do not go into clinical details of specific issues. Your discussion needs to be centered around social policies promoting the issue, the country/state expenditure directed to prevent, treat, and address the individual but, more importantly, the public consequences of the matter. Remember about epidemiological indicators, workforce and business losses, informal caregiving, social consequences for the families and state.
2.    Evaluate the stakeholders interested in addressing this public health issue. Remember to discuss the governance bodies as well as community partners. Define specific role in public health efforts directed toward this matter (epidemiological indicators and expenditure) reduction.
3.    Assess the collaborative efforts among the stakeholders and identify gaps (or excellence) in the partnerships/collaborative efforts between the stakeholders. Make sure to offer supportive evidence to demonstrate either.
4.    Assess the status of the existing social policies directed to minimize the damage to the individual and community as well as offer 1-2 new (different) social policies to be introduced and directed to minimize the negative behaviors and public health outcomes. Make sure to provide evidence supporting your ideas.
5.    Define the communication and leadership tools and strategies useful in convincing the public and the Governance bodies in considering the policies you recommended. Explain why you recommended these tools and who your audience is for each.