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Week # 10 Chapter 8 Discussion Forum
Discuss the implications of the relative centralization of authority and decision making at headquarters versus local units of subsidiaries. How would you feel about this variable if you were a subsidiary manager?
In addition, you can also consider, to name a few, the following questions for your perspectives and exploration:
Why is organization structure important for the corporation? What are the different change and evolution for MNC Organizational Structure? What does it mean by “organizing for globalization”? What lessons should be learned from “Be Global, Act Local”? What are the emerging structure forms? What is inter-organizational networks? What is the global e-Corporation network structure? What is The Transnational Corporation Network Structure? What do it mean by “choice of organizational form” and associated variables for the choice?
Why are control systems for global operations needed and what are they? How does a company build and manage effective monitoring systems and what are key attributes of those systems?
Please watch the videos:
– Rethinking the Structure of Corporations | Michael Yaziji |TEDxLausanne

Please note this week discussion forum is based on the reading of Chapters 8
Please note that the discussion must be conducted in a sensitive and intellectual manner. The disrespectful or insensitive posts will not be tolerated.
Please note the initial post needs to be 200 words or more.