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Project overview
Write a paper/essay with 2,000 to 2,500 words about one or two architectural styles discussed in class.
The student must pick one architectural style or architectural building and be able to:
• Discuss and analyze architectural elements, style, history, and essential facts.
• If two styles are chosen, you need to compare both of them.
• Synthesize information.
• Document architectural development for a better understanding.
• Demonstrate college-level writing skills.
• Create an architectural presentation about a historical style or building to discuss.
• Do not include pictures or any visuals; only text is allowed.
• It is essential to include what kind of influence you see on those pictures you can bring as design
concepts, arguments, or comparisons to current or future projects.
• Must have a minimum of 2000 words. Two thousand words is four pages single-spaced or eight
pages double-spaced.