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Purpose Statement
In one paragraph, state the correlation and identify the primary independent variables. State the correlation as in the following:
“The dependent variable _______ is determined by independent variables ________, _________, ________, and ________.”
Identify and defend the “primary” independent variable, or the variable believed to have the strongest impact on the dependent variable:
“The most important independent variable in this relationship is ________ because _________.”
Definition of Variables
For each variable, write a single definition paragraph talking about the variable. Paragraphs should be in this order: dependent variable, primary independent variable, and at least two more independent variables. In addition to defining the independent variables, defend why each determines the dependent variable.
For the primary independent variable, at least two research sources that discuss the variable also must be cited. These sources need not be technical documents but should contain evidence to justify the relationship between the primary independent variable and the dependent variable. List these sources in the Reference Page, as needed. Note: Citations from encyclopedias, Wikipedia, blogs, abstracts, or non-governmental websites are not acceptable research sources in this assignment.
Data Description
For each of the variables, at least 30 observations of cross-sectional data must be obtained. Thus, for the final research paper, a data matrix that is at least 30 rows by numbers of variables must be presented. This is the case for your mandated dataset, just be sure and acknowledge this in your paper.
Reference Page
The final page of the proposal should be a Reference Page listing at least ten research sources, forming the basis to conduct citing as appropriate. Also, be sure and include sources for any table of data.
Data Analysis
Describe your approach to analyzing the data and refer to the guidance provided for the final paper in Unit 8. This section will likely be the most under-developed at this point, but you should have a general idea as to how you intend to analyze your data and arrive at information that can be used in your conclusion and final recommendations.