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Choice of Experience
Clarify briefly what motivated you to engage in this experience and how it relates to both your personal and
professional/vocational goals.
2. Learning outcomes (be specific)
List your learning outcomes at the outset of the experience and describe the challenges, successes, and setbacks
you encountered in your efforts to achieve them.
3. Academic relevance of the experience (be specific)
Reflect on aspects of your academic work to date, including courses in the Core curriculum
(general education), major/minor, and electives and comment on the ways in which this experience relates to
what you have learned in the classroom. In addition to this, indicate how the experience has enhanced your
understanding of any pertinent readings or other materials used as a knowledge base or context, and whether
the experience has influenced your future academic direction (e.g. choice of major or minor, graduate study).
4. Personal development
Describe the ways in which this experience “stretched” you personally. In particular, describe the personal skills
you acquired, developed, or refined in connection with the experience, and discuss how the experience impacted
the way you see yourself and interact with others (specifically, those who differ from you in some way)? Are you
the same person you were when you started the experience?
5. Summary evaluation
Conclude your paper with an overall summary of your experience and what it has contributed to your BW