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1. Compare and contrast presidential and parliamentary systems of government for their key characteristics, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis should include discussions of how different the two systems are. as well as pomt to any commonalities. Draw some conclusion about which system is better on balance in your view, and justify your position.This is the topic for the essay^.
The term paper assignment is intended to teach you about researching and writing in a political science style. First and foremost, your essay is meant to be an analytical research paper. An essay is meant to provide an analysis of a particular problem or question, based on research rather than on your views. Your essay is not a platform for you to argue your personal opinions on an issue.
Remember that your conclusions should be determined by your research and analysis. Your research and analysis should not be determined by the conclusion you want to reach. The broader objective of essay writing is to expand your way of thinking about a problem, to keep an open mind about the issues. There is little point to an education if it simply means your preconceived ideas are better researched. Prejudice literally means ‘pre-judged’ or predetermined. If you approach an essay with your mind already made up about the issue, then you are simply being prejudiced. You will also fail to follow one of the most basic principles of scientific investigation—that the researcher must let the evidence speak for itself. The researcher cannot pick and choose evidence to suit his or her desired outcome. The outcome of the experiment or analysis must be determined by the evidence.
There are two fatal responses your essay must not provoke in its readers: ‘so what’ and ‘yes, but.. , ‘ In the first case, your readers believe that your paper’s topic or conclusion did not deal with anything interesting or substantive. In the second, your readers are left thinking that your paper has not dealt with all the evidence or competing perspectives properly. You will not do well if you write an uninteresting or superficial discussions of a topic—the ‘so what’ weakness. Neither will you do well if your paper is one-sided or leaves out obvious counterpoints that undermine your arguments—the ‘yes. but’ weakness.
I also attached a video it is a guideline on how to write the essay please watch it.