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1a.Looking at the legal
environment of business today, the world is growing smaller and ethics and
trust issues are large part of business.
1. What
laws do you think could be put in place to protect you as a consumer and make
you have more trust in the law process?
2. Discuss
where you see the law has fallen short for businesses and consumers.
3. Give
examples and cite your work.
1b.Think about and answer: 1. How have the environmental laws
changed over the past few years? In the United States the key federal
legislation for controlling air pollution is the Clean Air Act. The Clean Water
Act is also administered by the states in accordance with EPA standards. 2.
What is Florida’s state statue on the Clean Water Act? 3. Choose a Florida
business that the Clean Water Act applies to and discuss the legal implications
and how it affects business and the ethics of a company. Use an example and
cite your work.
2. Given that many new businesses fail in the first few years
after they are established, how should an entrepreneur think about the risk of
failure associated with a new business? From what you have learned in this
chapter, what can an entrepreneur do to increase the chance of success?